So, Who Am I?

Anthony Peyper Wedding and Portrait PhotographerYes, that’s me over on the left… no, your other left ;) You’ve probably figured it out by now, but just in case not, my name is Anthony {Peyper} and yes, you got it – I’m a photographer, not just any photographer – hopefully YOUR next photographer. Now THAT would make me really special! So, go on – treat yourself!

I have a passion for photography, not only taking pictures, but making beautiful images – it’s an art after all. I love working with people – it’s an absolute pleasure and honour to capture your most cherished moments – so photographing weddings is something I absolutely love doing.

I however don’t restrict myself to only shooting weddings. I believe that shooting various subjects keeps me developing my style and approach, making every shoot exciting and versatile. So if it’s it’s not a wedding you want photographed, don’t worry I am not a “one trick pony”. Even though my website is focussed more towards wedding and engagement type shoots, I also shoot live music, band promos, general portraits, babies, events and parties – in fact pretty much any genre. In fact I started out shooting skateboarding and everything just developed from there…combining passion, technique and hard work!

“Anthony Peyper | Wedding and Portrait Photographer”


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Gahlia Bath Series
Raw Kids Hanro
Raw Kids Luan
Redbull King of the Air 2016
  • Photography by Anthony Peyper
    Gahlia Philips • Actress • Poet • Agent | Bath time story
  • Wounds | Barbershop Shoot
  • photography by Anthony Peyper
    Hello Monroe | Please do not smoke near this air intake
  • Photography by Anthony Peyper
    Raw Kids | Hanro
  • Photography by Anthony Peyper
    Raw Kids | Luan
  • Photography by Anthony Peyper
    Redbull | King of the Air 2016

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Sed quis rhoncus arcu

Finally catching up on myself after moving back to Cape Town nearly 3 weeks ago – how time flies. So I arrived a little late for the wedding season, but just had to get shooting as soon as possible. Seeing as I have 2 beautiful nephews – why not use what I have at my […]

Recently I had been asked to do a maternity photoshoot. Slightly different from my usually wedding photography, I decided that I would like to do something more unique for this unique couple – Kate and Alfonso. So when summer kicks in, the heat is on and a baby is on the way, what’s better than an […]

If you’re looking for a stunning location to celebrated your wedding it doesn’t get much better than many of the treasured gems along the Costa del Sol in Spain. Sarah and Jamie’s Wedding in Malaga {Torremolinos} was definitely no exception! It took place together with their daughter’s naming ceremony in a beautiful heart-theme decorated villa […]

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