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Bundoran Dreaming

Surfing Ireland, Bundoran

So it might not be California, in fact it’s not even in the USA … It’s Bundoran on the west coast of Ireland. A surf spot called “The Peak”. A place of firsts for me – my first surf in Ireland and also my first attempt of shooting in the water, ever.

So I woke up this morning dying to get in the water – either to surf or take some pictures and it reminded me of the day I took this photo. As some of you might know, a DSLR camera is quite heavy. Now take a Nikon D700, put it inside a water housing, which probably weighs a bit more than the camera – so far so good. Now, swim with it! In freezing water! Wearing a 5mm wetsuit! HA! Way new experience. It’s one thing trying to keep above the water and a totally different story taking a picture, let alone getting a picture that’s in focus.

Well it’s been way too long since I have attempted to take any pictures in the water and have been doing some tests with hyperfocal distance and manual focus. I think I may have worked out a few things along the way. I can’t say for sure until I put it into practice, so hopefully it’s something I can do later today…. but first – more work on the boat!

Hopefully my next post will be some good news with some better (under) water photos … watch this space!

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