Photography by Anthony Peyper

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Claire and Wooly are getting married! (Skerries, Ireland)

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So here they are: Photos from Claire and Wooly’s “wedding” themed pre-wedding party! Sound a little crazy? Well, that’s becuase it was – and SO much fun to photograph. Take a look at the photographs, I seriously can’t tell you more than they do.


Event Photographer: Anthony Peyper
Assisted by Barbara Tabarelli

Barbara and Anthony

7 Comments on “Claire and Wooly are getting married! (Skerries, Ireland)”

  1. Fantastic shots!
    Had a lot of fun at this wedding party. Great bunch of people and lovely idea from their side to host this party for those friends who couldn’t make it.
    Really cute!

  2. Anthony,

    Thank you so much for these pictures – you guys did such an awesome job. It’s rare to see such calmness amid such mayhem, but you managed it, and the results are just brilliant. Claire is ecstatic with them!

    Catch up soon, and thanks again.
    Wooly & Claire

  3. Brilliant shots!
    Great night, amazing pics for Claire and Wooly to keep forever :-)

  4. The photos are fabulous,well done to the 2 of you.Great photos from a great night

  5. Such awesome photos! Looks like y’all had such a great time :) Fantastic photography!

  6. Absolutely legend, such amazing funny pictures, so sorry I missed your special night
    What a wedding party!!!

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