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Ditch Day

coming over the hill

Sunday was quite an intersting day….well I’d like to refer to it as interesting – it makes me feel a little less stupid for ending up in the ditch. Let me explain: we went for a drive through the Wicklow Mountains with the aim of taking Jessie running and taking a few photos. Well seems like every hiker got out early as well so we couldn’t find a place to park on the winding narrow mountain roads as all the shoulders along the way had been parked in.

After turning around and heading back the way we came, I saw a place that looked good to stop at – just off the road. But in my indecision I drove further past it than what I thought I had. So when reversing to park, I turned “into the shoulder” sooner than I should’ve and ending up with the back wheels in a ditch…well I call it a ditch, but in fact it was closer to a river bank! Driving a 4X4 I didn’t think it would be problem until I noticed that one of the front wheels was on very slippery wet icy grass and the other completely lifted from the ground, and the back of the car sinking deeper into the river bank….

To make a long story short, we collected some rocks and logs to get in under the wheels (amongst the echoes of “you MUST call the AA”). Some very friendly couples stopped to help – who then waved down some other helpful folk in a BMW X5 with some very impressive “pulling power”. Thanks to my trusty rope, the X5 and some very helpful strangers we managed to get out of a very “tight spot” without the help of the AA. Unfortunately by this stage Barbara had some very cold toes as she didn’t believe me that we were “stuck in a river” before she climbed out of the car and ending up shin-deep in “2cms of water”.

Well we lived to tell the tale and manged to get Jessie out for a run afterall. The picture is of Barbara, her wet foot and Jessie enjoying a walk/run in the snow!

I’d just like to say thank you again to everybody who stopped and helped. Sometime strangers really are just friends whom we do not know! There is hope for humanity – we just need to believe, love and do unto others as we’d have done unto ourselves. Offer a helping hand where ever you can. You just don’t know when you might need a helping hand extended in your direction!

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