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Jenni & Aled’s Dublin Wedding Tale

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An amazing Irish wedding shoot with an amazing couple!

So maybe I am bias seeing as they are really dear friends of mine, but I dare you to spend 2 minutes with either of them and try disagree!

Aled, a crazy Welshman and his gorgeous bride, Jenni – a slightly more insane Irish lass! Both beautiful to the bone! I was only too honoured to oblige when Aled asked me if I would shoot their wedding and be a guest! How could I refuse after him telling me that he wanted me there more as a guest but he would want anybody else to shoot their wedding! mean, there’s no way I would say no!!!

Some might’ve called it a wedding on a budget, I’d say it was a wedding without pretense and it suited them to the ground. This wedding just went to show that you don’t have to break the bank to have an absolutely beautiful day! I’ll just say this, if ever you want to plan a wedding by cutting the frills and have none of it show, in other words – “work a miracle” – just ask Jenni to plan your wedding day!!!

And just how gorgeous did she look in that wedding dress with her bright yellow shoes!??!!! And we won’t even get into the bride’s maid dresses and Aled sporting his skinny red tie!

All in all, the day just OOZED with love! The first time I ever saw a groom throw his fist in the air and smirk the biggest “YEAH” I’ve ever seen, once the words “man & wife” were announced…

I’ll shut up now and let the pictures do tell the full full story!

Jenni, Aled … I love you guys!!!

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