Photography by Anthony Peyper

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Jenni & Aled Engagement Shoot – Rock ‘n Roll Style (Dublin, Ireland)

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Jenni and Aled ……


Amazing couple and brilliant individuals. One crazy Welshman and an absolutely insane Irish lass = one heck of a beautiful (though barking mad) couple in many ways! This definitely wasn’t your typical engagment shoot, but then again they aren’t your run of the mill kind of people! I must say we had so much fun shooting them and I can’t wait to photograph their “L O V E” themed wedding in June!

Engagement Photographer: Anthony Peyper
Keep an eye out for more enagement photos of Jenni and Aled from Barbara on her photography blog

8 Comments on “Jenni & Aled Engagement Shoot – Rock ‘n Roll Style (Dublin, Ireland)”

  1. Hey Anthony, you rock!

    I love these photos. There is honestly no one else that I would rather have shooting our wedding. I mean that.

  2. Anthony, what can I say? Amazing. I love what you have done with the photos. We’re so happy with them and can not wait for June 3rd to see what you’ll do with THOSE photos!

    Thanks so so much, Jenni x

  3. Great pics! Totally captured what these two mad ones are all about!

  4. Anthony, you’re great !

    I’m just a beginner in this beautiful world, but you’re such an inspiration !
    Thank you !

    Sry for my english .. i’m italian ;)

  5. Hi, How much do you charge for a couple’s shoot in Dublin City, it will be mid week during the Autumn.

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