Photography by Anthony Peyper

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Lighthouse Point, Florida

I’ve spent the last 6 weeks in Florida, Miami area with my “home base” being in Lighthouse Point. What a beautiful part of the state and the country. What an amazing feeling it is to wake up in the morning and step out into the fresh air and take a seat right at the water…or have this view (above) as the last image in your head before retiring to bed.

Fishing and/or boating seems to play an important part in the economy around here as the culture and social life often revolves around going fishing out at sea or just simply cruising around lazily on the inter coastal, where you can spot your average 20ft boats or yachts which look like small passenger liners, often with 25-30ft ($50K) “toy” boats docked beside them waiting for the kids to go out and play.

Sun, sea, fishing, diving and the general outdoors is what life (during the day) is about. Work (for some) is that four lettered word which wastes your time between fishing trips, which mind you, doesn’t happen ONLY on weekends.

I’m pretty sure that no mater who you are or what your past time preferences may be, you can not deny that this way of life is to be desired. No wonder I’ve spotted more than one t-shirt which reads:


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