Photography by Anthony Peyper

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The Lost and the Lonely

Love the Homeless

We need to take a minute and be grateful! Be grateful for the ones we love and who love us in return – inspite of the the people we are. Be grateful that we have friends and/or family we can be with as Christmas approaches…

Yesterday i was approached by this man on the street – looking for some money, a simple 2 euro put a smile on his face and I could see how genuinely grateful he was … and it put a burden on my heart for everybody out there who doesn’t have anybody to share today with…

So I dedicate this picture picture to all those living on the sreets, who don’t have a warm bed tonight, who don’t have a loved one to wake up next to in the mornng, to those who won’t only spend Christmas alone, but probably spend it hungry and cold!

May they be blessed!

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