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Ciara & James Irish Wedding (Dublin)

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Ciara and James – a beautiful couple in many ways! During my shoot with them I had to double take a few times thinking I was shooting Mena Suvari! James – what a great guy! he doesn’t say much – but has a gentle spirit and makes everybody feel comfortable around him.

A wonderful match and you can just see the love radiate between these two! Sparkling eyes and wide smiles! You’d think they just fell in love this morning! And you know – they probably did & will fall in love again tomorrow morning and the day after and the day after…. you get it, right?

I don’t think I need to wish them love and happiness, because it’s clear that they have it! Well, I wish it for them anyway!

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  1. We can never thank Anthony enough for doing such a phenomenal job on our wedding album! James and I both hate getting our photo taken but we both wanted gorgeous photos of our wedding day so we were stuck in a catch-22. Thankfully, from the moment we met Anthony he put us at total ease. He is not just a photographer – he’s an artists. He worked so hard throughout the day taking loads of beautiful photos and including every detail. And yet, we never once felt overwhelmed and there wasn’t a single fake smile. He is such easy-going (and yet extremely dedicated) guy, that you can’t help but feel relaxed in his presence. To remain so unobtrusive and still manage to capture every feature of the occasion is a true talent.

    The album he put together was beyond what we could have imagined. He managed to feature so many of the wonderful moments of the day while avoiding the corny standard posed photos that seem to be the safety net of some many other photographers. I love that when I look at our album, the emotions of the day really come through.
It’s so hard to put into words what an amazing job Anthony has done.

    Your wedding really is the most incredible day of your life when you commit yourself to another person in the presence of your family and friends. To have two such a wonderful person as Anthony to share the day with us was fantastic. To have him give us the greatest gift of stunning and beautiful photos is overwhelming.

    Thank you,

    Ciara and James

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