Photography by Anthony Peyper

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Weddings from London, Wimbledon

wedding photographers view wimbledon

London, Wimbledon to be exact is where I find myself these days. It wasn’t really planned for, but in my experience often the best things can’t be planned – like YOU falling in love. Fortunately my tools of the trade are easily transported and my camera is never too far from me.

Now I look forward to photographing weddings in a new land, meeting new people and seeing what love looks like on this side of the world.

Falling in love was the easy part, now you have a wedding to plan for. That’s where I come in – not just ticking one of your many boxes or crossing off a line on your nearly endless “to do” list, but providing you with a service to beautifully photograph your very special day.

I really do look forward to seeing you on the other side of my lens…